Massey’s estate in Dublin is a popular place for many walkers, and was once the site of a great house. If you want to read a long ebook on the family, you can here(it also has photos and info on the house, Kilishee):

Massey’s estate has a wonderful amount of things remaining to be seen. Although the house is long gone (it was demolished in the 20th century), the gate lodge still remains. Also, you can see numerous other things such as ice houses, greenhouse remains, the remains of a yew walk, walled gardens, remains of the garden, bridges, etc.

Massey’s wood path up to where old house was, showing new house (see map)

Massey’s wood gate posts near walled gardens (see map)

Massey’s wood remains of the yew walk (the stubs are the dead yew trees). The yew walk is near the walled gardens and the greenhouses(see map).

Massey’s woods gate house near the road enterance to the estate

Massey’s woods inside the walled gardens, steps, wall and arch.

Massey’s woods Remains of more steps in the walled gardens

Massey’s woods remains of steps as well as steps in walled gardens, showing alignment

Massey’s woods flat area in front of where the greenhouses once were

Massey’s woods curved front of where the greenhouses once were, showing stone bases and metalwork

Massey’s woods area where greenhouse/hothouses once stood

 Massey’s woods drain near greenhouses, inside walled garens

 Massey’s wood arch outside walled gardens, near river

 Massey’s woods building outside walled gardens, near river

 Massey’s woods doorway arch outside walled gardens, near river

Massey’s woods walled garden walls

Massey’s woods, drain in wall

Massey’s woods wall beside path

Massey’s woods drain alongside path


Massey’s woods map showing gate lodge, still standing today

Massey’s woods new house showing steps up to old house

Massey’s woods arch in walled gardens

Massey’s woods stone blocks, inside greenhouse area

Massey’s woods curved area in front og greenhouses

Massey’s woods arch in wall outside walled gardens, near river

Massey’s woods example of pottery from plant pot found in river

Massey’s wood path and wall

Massey’s woods garden terraces in font of house

Massey’s wood column in front of house

Massey’s woods steps in front of house

Massey’s wood fountain, seen as a circle in front of the house on maps. We can see that this is the midpoint of the garden, so only the right hand side of the garden remains visible today.

Massey’s wood, Kiltiernan, Dublin, Ireland. Map showing old house (Killakee), as well as walled gardens, gate house, etc.

Massey’s woods map of walled gardens. The shaded in building is a glasshouse/greenhouse, the remains of which can be seen today. Some of the earlier photos show the curved front , and the steps in front can still be seen easily today.

Massey’s wood close up of Killakee house on map. You can see the house, the buildings across the road where you park, the fountain(circle in middle of garden) and the tree lined path up to the house. The huge old trees(Chilean pines) are still there today, and, although overgrown, can still be made out today.

Overview map of Massey’s woods, Dublin, Ireland. You can see Killakee house to the left(this is the area you enter from) and the yellow gate lodge to the right.

Massey’s wood yellow gate lodge and gates, to the far right of the map.

Massey’s woods gates in front of yellow gate lodge, on far right of map.

Massey’s woods Killakee house showing shape of house, gardens, and fountain.

Massey’s wood bridge.

Massey’s woods remains of garden.